AMGI studios is committed to unlock the potential of cutting edge technology with My Pet Hooligan. Pilot your avatars in real-time, engage with AI driven characters, own your digital assets and be rewarded. Motion capture technologies, AI and Blockchain are a part of My Pet Hooligan's technology stack, empowering a more connected, exciting and rewarding game play experience. As we progress through our development cycle we will be experimenting more with these features and welcome your feedback accordingly.

Our collectibles and in-game assets are more than just digital items; they're the heart of our ecosystem, spanning digital and real-world experiences. In 2021 we introduced Genesis and Companion characters as blockchain-backed digital collectibles—the OG Hooligans and subsequently the  ZuckBots in 2022. This has united a strong community around My Pet Hooligan of gamers collectors and creators who have help us mould this gaming experience and been able to test our creator suite of tools Immi & Hooligram. The blockchain is simply a technology layer that helps with ownership, transparency and freedom and can help create more open ecosystems in gaming.

Join the Karrot Gang and lets continue to build together.


AMGI Studios is an independent gaming and animation technology company that lives at the intersection of gaming, technology, and storytelling. We develop and produce traditional entertainment IP, gaming, and through the use of our proprietary technology, AI integration and innovations in real-time animation. Our vision is simple - to empower dreamers and doers to make groundbreaking content by merging artistry and technology.


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