For years they were forced to farm Karrots, and were bound in cages at the mercy of their overlord MetaZuckBot, CEO of ZuckCorp. 

A rebellion ensued where the bunnies managed to free themselves from captivity to realize their true potential in a new world void of constraints and laws.... They became Hooligans! 

The Hooligans split into 7 factions, ranging from the Hare Raisers to the Cypherbuns – all with one mission, to disrupt Metazuckbot's, Zuck Corp. Some of the factions, however, returned to the dark side. Through experimentation and dark arts, they were programmed to combat the rebellion. 

Take a deep dive down the Rabbit Hole, adopt a Pet Hooligan, and do your part to end Zuck Corp once and for all...


Upon surviving some of the worst of MetaZuckBot’s testing, the Mutants remain a secretive faction bent on destruction. Having been exposed to Zuck Corp’s radioactive testing sites, this gang of ghoulish Hooligans is an unpredictable force to be reckoned with.



A classy faction of Hooligan, the Playboyz gravitate toward the more refined and polished. They enjoy their cigars and cocktail parties, and one more thing, they love to gamble.



Survivors of MetaZuckBot’s corporate music experimentation program, the Punk Bunnis have very little tolerance for Zuck Corp’s corporate lobby music. Anti-establishment to their core, this delinquent crowd of troublemakers is noisy and boisterous, with a special set of abilities for the more musically inclined.



A rough and tumble gang of Hooligans, the Rogue Jumpers have an affinity for athletic competition. MetaZuckBot’s experimentation resulted in a faction of Hooligan that loves to compete, loves a good brawl, and never misses an opportunity to place a bet.



A technically savvy group of Hooligans, the Cypherbuns are the result of MetaZuckBot’s attempts to create cyborg drone bunnies. These techno Hooligans don’t think like the rest of them, as their abilities to decode and break Zuck Corp’s digital defenses are second to none.



Upon escaping the clutches of MetaZuckBot, these hooligans have chosen a more relaxed approach to life. While their laid-back and lackadaisical attitudes might get them into trouble from time to time, their ability to appreciate the greener things just might give them some insights as to how to take Zuck Corp. down.


Being forced to harvest Karrots for MetaZuckBot has left this faction of Hooligans with a vengeance. The Hare Raisers are one of the fiercest of the factions, and their skills in robbery and vandalism have proven to be a Karrot in MetaZuckBot’s side.


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